Post-doctoral Fellowship in Molecular Biology applied to Food Microbiology

Nº: 3543
Field of knowledge: Food Microbiology
FAPESP process: 2017/50349-0
Project title: Quantitative risk assessment of Clostridium botulinum and Listeria monocytogenes in cured meat products
Working area: with emphasis on Genomics and Metagenomics
Number of places: 1
Principal investigator: Prof. Dr. Marcelo Lancellotti
Unit/Institution: Food Technology Institute
Deadline for submissions: April 9th, 2020
Publishing date: March 18th, 2020
Locale: 2880 Brasil Avenue, Jd. Chapadão – Campinas/SP
E-mail for proposal submission: and

The Institute of Food Technology makes public the registration of applications for a Postdoctoral fellowship in the areas of Food Microbiology and Molecular Biology, to be developed at the Meat Technology Center (CTC) of the Food Technology Institute - Ital, in Campinas / SP.
The mission of the Food Technology Institute is to contribute to the evolution of the areas of food, beverages and packaging through research, development, innovation, technological assistance, training and dissemination of technical and scientific knowledge for agribusiness, to the benefit of consumers and society.
We are looking for a candidate interested in developing and working on a research project that addresses the molecular aspects and biodiversity of the microbiota belonging to cured meat products marketed in Brazil. The candidate will develop analytical methods for the detection and strategies for control of the main pathogenic and deteriorating microorganisms in products of animal origin, industrial environments and surfaces in contact with food.
The 12-month scholarship will be financed by the São Paulo State Research Support Foundation (FAPESP) and linked to Ital's Institutional Development Plan for Research PDIP (Process: 2017/50349-0). After selection, the candidate and the research project must be submitted to Fapesp for final approval of the scholarship. The selected candidate will receive a Postdoctoral Scholarship from FAPESP in the amount of R$ 7,373.10 monthly and exempt from income tax and a Technical Reserve equivalent to 15% of the annual value of the scholarship to meet unforeseen expenses and directly related to the activity of research
1. Position summary
The candidate must have a doctorate in Functional or Molecular Biology or similar areas, with experience in the area of Molecular Biology, Genomics and Microbiology. The candidate must develop a project related to the proposed theme, assist in the orientation and co-orientation of students, collaborate with other researchers of the institute in the development of other projects, assist in the writing and review of scientific works of the research group and work in actions that aimed at transferring technology and knowledge.
2. Prerequisites and skills required of the candidate:
- Hold a doctorate in Functional or Molecular Biology or similar areas, completed less than seven years;
- Graduation in Biological Sciences or related areas;
- Ability to work independently and in collaboration with a multidisciplinary research group;
- Knowledge of English for reading, scientific writing and conversation;
- Scientific production in indexed journals.

2.1. Proven experience in:
- Molecular biology techniques with a focus on extraction of nucleic acids, PCR, qPCR, cloning, NGS library preparation and capillary electrophoresis;
- Molecular microbiology and virulence;
- Cell culture;
- Use of statistical tools for data processing and analysis.

2.2. Desired experience:
- Setting up and monitoring experiments for the detection and quantification of microorganisms by traditional techniques and rapid methods, analysis of pathogenic and deteriorating microorganisms in meat and meat products, calculation and expression of analytical results and notions of biosafety laws;
- Knowledge in bioinformatics is desirable;
- Dissemination and transfer of technical and scientific knowledge;
- Coordination of undergraduate, master and / or doctoral students;
- Professional experience in the private sector related to the proposed project will be considered a differential.

3. Application, documents and dates
The documents listed below must be sent electronically (in a single PDF) to the evaluation committee, to the e-mails and, with the title “Post-Doctorate in Food Microbiology and Molecular Biology”:
a. Curriculum vitae according to FAPESP instructions (4 pages maximum -;
b. A motivation letter evidencing the pre-requisites required (200 words maximum);
The evaluation will be based on the curriculum and evidence of the required experiences.
Any doubt or clarification about the announcement, contact us through the e-mails.
The deadline for applications is April 9th, 2020. The result of the selection process will be communicated to applicants by email.